Type Match
Alias Four-Ball Best Ball
Format Tournament
Number of players 2,4
Team or Individual play Team
  • In this game, two teams consisting of two players each tee off against each other. Four balls are played, which is where the name Four-Ball Better Ball comes from. It can also be played in 4-person teams, although that is less common.
  • Even though four balls are being played, only the better ball of a team counts for each hole.

    For 2-person teams:

    • The most common way to play 4BBB is with two 2-person teams. Both teams tee off together. Four balls are being played on each hole, but only the better ball or the low score between the two players for each team is counted as the score for that team at the end of each hole.
    • For example, if Team A consists of Player 1 and Player 2 and they both score a 5 and a 4 on a hole, respectively, the final team score for that hole would be 4.
    • 4BBB can be played as match play or stroke play with 2-person teams.

    For 4-person teams:

    • With four players, all players tee off and play their own balls. The lowest score among the four players is counted as the team score for each hole.
    • If a team consists of players A, B, C, and D and player A scores a 6, player B scores a 5, player C scores a 7, and player D also scores a 5 for hole 1, then the team score for hole 1 would be 5.
    • In 4-person teams, Four-Ball is played as stroke play.
    • Handicaps are also important in 4-person teams to ensure that the weaker golfers on a team also have the opportunity to contribute to the team’s score.

    There are no fixed rules when it comes to handicaps in Four-Ball, but commonly, men are allowed to use 80% of their course handicap while women are allowed to use 90% of their course handicap.