Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does beezer mean?

beezer/ (ˈbiːzə) slang /adjective, noun.British old-fashioned excellent; most attractive."That was a beezer shot".

2.What’s new in this release?

You can view all the release notes here

3.How to add players to a round?

To add players it’s easy, simply swipe left or right in any player’s scorecard.

4.Can players play from different tees?

Yes, when you select the players for a round, tap on the tees to change. The course handicap for the player will be recalculated.

5.How to edit a game in the middle of a round?

To edit a game in a round tap on the game’s name in the top left corner of the scorecard.

6.How do handicaps work?

There are three handicaps, the handicap index, the course handicap, and the game handicap, each game can have a different handicap for the same player.

7.Can I change a player’s given strokes for a game?

Yes, in the games’ configuration players selection page simply tap on the strokes value for any player.

8.Can I change a game or a player’s settings in the middle of a round?

Yes, Beezer is flexible, you can change almost any setting and the app will recalculate all score and bets.

9.What’s the little green triangle next to the hole number?

It shows your starting hole.

10.Can I score holes out of order?

Yes, for all games that is possible. For match games, the number of holes up or down will be calculated based on the order is was scored.

11.Can I delete a game in the middle of a round?

Yes, you can delete a game by closing the games’ scorecard. You have the option to delete the game or ending the game, which will make the scorecard uneditable and keep the bets.

12.Can I delete a player in the middle of a round?

Yes, you can delete a player by closing the player’s scorecard. Deleting a player from a round will also delete the player from any game. If the game is a team game it will delete the game.

13.Can I add games in the middle of a round?

Yes, simple swipe any game scorecard. All existing scores will be populated in the new card. In case, the new inputs are needed for a game, simple go back to previous scored holes and add the new entries.

14.How do I add courses to my favorites?

On the course selection selection screen, go to recent courses and tap the heart icon.

15.Can I change the course handicap for a player in the middle of a round?

Yes, go to the players scorecard and tap on the players name. You can also change the tees for the player.

16.How many games can I play in a round?

As many as you like.

17.Why do some games appear grayed out in the games list?

Some games may not be able to be added to a round either because you don't have enough players for the game, or the game has already been added to the round.

18.How are bets managed?

Each game has its own settings. Pot games have an option to define the match bet, which is each players contribution to the pot. Points games, where the winnings are defined by the differential of points, have a points value setting.

19.Can I change the scorecard?

Yes, the scorecard is highly configurable. From any players’ scorecard tap on the three dots in the top left of the scorecard. You can choose what stats to see and in what order by picking and dropping the column name. You can also choose between a 9 hole or an 18 hole scorecard.

20.Does configuring the scorecard affect my statistics?

No. Configuring the scorecard simply changes the viewing options. Statistics are kept regardless of viewing configuration, they are only affected by what you enter while scoring a hole.

21.How do subscriptions work?

There is no obligation with subscriptions and you can cancel anytime. Subscriptions are fully managed by Apple, you can check your subscriptions on your phone under Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions.

22.How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on your phone. Go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions. You will still have access to the app for the remainder of the trail period or the last paid cycle (month or year).

23.Do I need a credit card to get the free trial?

You need to subscribe to get the free trial period. Subscriptions are handled by Apple are require a credit card, you probably already have a credit card with Apple since this is a requirement for any App download. No credit card info goes to Beezer.

24.What are Beezer Dollars?

They are our Monopoly money, you can map their value to whatever you want to bet. From dollars to quarters, or pounds to pesos, or number of push ups the looser has to do.

25.How are handicaps managed?

There are three handicaps that are managed by Beezer. The player's handicap index, the course handicap and a game handicap. The player's handicap index is used to calculate the player's course handicap based on the the world handicap system, see . In addition, the user may choose to change the players' handicap for a particular game. A common practice is to index game handicaps to the lowest handicap player who would then play with a zero handicap, or use a percentage of the handicaps. Another option is to overwrite the handicap for a game and give strokes to players. All options are available in each game's settings.

26.Can I import rounds from other golf apps?

You can’t import directly but you can add them manually as new rounds and then change the date of the round.

27.How can I change the date of an old round?

To change the date of an old round, in the Rounds screen swipe left on the round name. This feature makes it easy to add old rounds from paper scorecards or other golf apps.