Release Notes

Version 4.11

April 17, 2024
Fixed issue with Nassau Presses.
Fixed issue with accessing Insights with no data.

Version 4.10

April 11, 2024
Fixes with ending a round
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Version 4.9

April 3, 2024
Adding non-Beezer rounds
Add old rounds to Beezer and post them to the Beezer Handicap Index
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Version 4.8

January 3, 2024
Proximity to hole
New proximity to hole keeps track of how close to the hole you hit your approach shots in greens in regulation.
Putt distances
Keep track of putts made percentages by distance.
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Version 4.7

November 28, 2023
Shot tracking
Track distances and accuracy of every shot with a simple and integrated interface. See your historical averages for each club.
Muti-player scoring fixes
Fixed a sync issue with multiple scorers
Scoring animation
Added a new feel good animation when scoring a birdie or better
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Version 4.6

September 07, 2023
Banker Game
Added option to double bets on birdies
Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Version 4.4

August 14, 2023
Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Version 4.3

August 9, 2023
Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Version 4.2

July 17, 2023
Quota game
New Quota game for groups of up to 120 players.
Banker game
New Banker game for 2-6 players.
Fixes and enhancements

Version 4.1

June 12, 2023
Fixes for Stableford
Corrected issue with IN totals.
Fixes for handicap calculation
Corrected issue with handicap calculations when combining two 9-hole courses.
Minor fixes and enhancements

Version 4.0

May 17, 2023
Score synchronization
Beezer players can join games from other Beezer players and keep their own scores. The app keeps the scorecards synchronized in real time.
Achievements wall
Keep track of your golfing achievements and personal bests.
New subscription model
Signup for a 6-month subscription.
Players list sorting
You can now sort your players list by recent, name or date added.
Minor fixes and enhancements

Version 3.11

December 21, 2022
Nassau fixes
Fixed presses issue for best team and individual scoring option
Fixed issue while erasing scores
Multi-byte Search crash
Fixed crashing issue with multi-byte course searches

Version 3.10

December 12, 2022
Edit old rounds
You can now edit ended rounds. Access old rounds from the Round list.
Beezer Player ID
Sync up player info by linking players with the Beezer Player ID
Historical players games insights
A historical leaderboard of matches and bets won.
Multiple simultaneous games
Removed check for adding similar games. Play the same game with the same players and different options simultaneously.
New Nassau option
New scoring option to play two balls, best team score and best individual.
Round Module Changes
See a summary of bets per game and totals

Version 3.9

October 9, 2022
Best Ball group game
Added Best ball game for up to 120 players with live leaderboard and scorecards. Play any combination of balls: low, high, gross, net. And teams of 2-6 players.
Skins new options
New Gross beats Net (half strokes) option. When enabled, skin is awarded to best gross score when there is tie in low net scores.
Skin Max Score option sets maximum score to award skin.
Options available on Skins and Skins group games.
Closest to the pin side game
Play KP on par 3s
Nassau changes
Allow presses on tie matches and different bets for Out/In
Minor UI fixes and updates.

Version 3.8

September 6, 2022
iOS 16.0 Support
Fixed UI issues related to upcoming iOS 16.0

Version 3.7

August 22, 2022
Bug fixes
Fixed issues with no internet connectivity.

Version 3.6

August 17, 2022
Medal play group game
You can now play medal or stroke play with up to 60 players, with real time leaderboard and bets.
Beezer Handicap Index graphs
View your historical handicap index in a graph.
Points game
New points game lets you make your own bets, play differential points or split a pot.
Watch app updates
Fixes to make distances settle more quickly.
Stay on GPS mode
You can now stay on the GPS screen after scoring.
Course font increases
Larger fonts use for course list, search and tee boxes.
Post round to BHI options
You select to always post your rounds to the Beezer Handicap Index, never post them, or ask every time.
Beezer Handicap Index changes
Access your rounds directly from the BHI screen.

Version 3.5

July 27, 2022
Fixed watchOS 8.7 issues
Latest watchOS release caused issues with phone connectivity and navigation.

Version 3.4

June 27, 2022
Fixed end of round issue
Some users were facing a problem when ending a round.

Version 3.3

June 20, 2022
Beezer Handicap Index (BHI)
Beezer can now calculate your handicap index based on WHS guidelines. You can post new or old rounds.
Round Packages
A new non-subscription option to use Beezer. Buy a 10 round package for $9.99 (varies per country), includes a 7 day free trial.
Watch app always-on
The watch app now stays on your watch face for the duration of the round.
Stableford group game
You can now play Stableford with a group of up to 60 players with live updates.
Stableford scoring
Keep Stableford on your scorecard without adding a game.
Sixes starting hole
Start your sixes game from hole 1 or hole 10.
Scorecard email display
Larger scorecard for easier reading.