6-6-6 Golf Tournament

Type Stroke
Alias None
Format Tournament
Number of players 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • A 6 6 6 tournament involves the game sixes being played in a tournament setting. In this game, teams of two compete against one another for the whole 18 holes. However, there’s a catch. After every six holes, the format of the game changes, meaning that the teams play three separate matches in one round. For example, if you played alternate shot in the first six holes, you will have to play another format for the next six holes, say scramble, and so on. There is no limitation on which formats can be used and are decided before the game. They can be alternate shot, scramble, best ball, scotch, four-ball, etc.
  • In this tournament, alternate shot is usually played for the first six holes, scramble for the next six holes, and best ball for the last six holes. In that case, team members must decide who will tee off first before the round begins. Then the players alternate shots until the ball is holed. Holes 7 – 12 are played with standard scramble rules, and finally, holes 13 – 18 are best ball in which the lowest net score of the two players in a team is recorded.
  • The scores of all 18 holes are added, and the team with the lowest score wins the round.