7-point Scotch

Type Points
Alias 5-point Scotch, 6-point Scotch
Format Game
Number of players 4
Team or Individual play Team

      7-point Scotch:

      • In 7-point scotch, the points awarded at each hole are as follows: 2 points for low ball, 2 points for the total low net score, 1 point for prox, 1 point for birdie, and 1 point for a scramble.
      • If a team scores all 7 points on a hole, their score is doubled to 14. However, the seventh point, i.e., the scramble, usually does not affect the umbrella, meaning that if a team scores all 6 points other than the scramble on a hole, their score would still get doubled to 12.
      • This game is not as popular as 5-point and 6-point scotch.