Type Points
Alias Am-Am Tournament
Format Tournament
Number of players 2, 3, 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • The term “Am-Am” is short for Amateur-Amateur. So, in this game, multiple amateur players are paired together to form a team
  • Am-Am has two versions which are listed below:

    Version 1: Golf Tournament Format

    • This tournament format is played using Stableford scoring.
    • In this version, teams consisting of four players are created. A good amateur player is usually paired together with three other amateur players or varying abilities. The skilled amateur player (the “low am”) becomes the captain of the team. This player is usually the low-handicapper on the team.
    • On each hole, the two lowest scores are combined to determine the team score for that hole.
    • Since this game uses Stableford scoring, players convert their stroke totals into Stableford points and add or subtract points based on the result of the hole.
    • For example, players A, B, C, and D of Team 1 score 4, 6, 5, and 7, respectively, on Hole 1. Since 4 and 5 are the lowest scores, they will be added together, and 9 will be the team score for Hole 1.

    Version 2: Generic Am-Am Contest

    • In this version, two, three, or four players are teamed together, depending on the number set by the tournament organizer.
    • Any scoring format such as Stableford, Stroke play, or Match play can be used in this version.
    • This version can be played as a tournament or as a game between a group of friends.