Bag Raid

Type Match
Alias Pick up sticks
Format None
Number of players 2,3,4,5+
Team or Individual play Both

          Many golf games often have different names or aliases for the same game, and bag raid is one such example. It is usually a two-player game and is known as one of the most devious games in golf because it allows the player who has lost a hole to remove a club from their opponent’s bag, which they cannot use in the match from that point onward, hence the name “bag raid.” Some rules for the game can vary and can be decided by the players before they tee off, such as the rule that the putter is not included in the list of clubs that can be removed. Another variation is that when you lose, instead of removing one of your opponent’s clubs, you can reclaim one of your removed clubs. However, these vary from person to person and do not necessarily need to be utilized.