Type N/A
Alias Black Jack
Format Game
Number of players 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • In this game, a minimum bet amount, most often $10, is set before the round begins. A “banker” is chosen for a hole, and the role changes hole by hole. The banker on a hole is the player with the lowest score on the previous hole. In case of a tie, the banker is determined by the longest putt. The maximum bet amount for a hole is decided by the banker for that hole.
  • For every hole, each player plays an individual match against the banker. The banker tees off last on each hole. They declare the maximum bet for the hole and, before teeing off, the other players declare their bet for the match for an amount between the minimum and maximum amount. For example, if the bet is between $5 to $50, one player can choose to play the banker for $10, one player can choose to play the banker for only $5, and another player may play him for the maximum of $50.
  • For example, in a group of four players with Player B being the banker, the matches would take place as follows:

        Player B vs. Player A

        Player B vs. Player C

        Player B vs. Player D

        The betting amount would be determined by the other players.

                  • Presses are also allowed in this game but only after the player hits and before the banker hits. If a player presses, the bet is doubled, and the banker may choose to press back after teeing off. However, in the case of the banker, they must press all other players, not just the player that pressed them.

                  For example, player A is the banker and Player B’s bet was $10, Player C’s bet was $20, and Player D’s bet was $30. If Player B presses after hitting and the banker (Player A) presses back, the bets would now be worth $20 for Player B, $40 for Player C, and $60 for Player D.