Beat the Worst

Type Hole Bet
Alias On the Spot
Format Game
Number of players 3, 4
Team or Individual play Individual
  • This is a betting game played in groups in which all players play their own balls at every hole. One designated player, who is said to be “on the spot”, has to beat the worst score among all players on their given hole. If the player beats the score, they either earn a point or an agreed-upon amount from all players for that hole. Since this game is played in stroke play format, the golfer with the lower number of strokes has the better score. For example, if player A is on the spot and scores a 6 while players B, C, and D score 5, 7, and 6, respectively, player A has beaten the worst score i.e., 6, and earns a point or money.
  • The players rotate at the holes, and so it has to be decided beforehand which player will be on the spot at which hole. Once all the players have been on the spot, the rotation starts over. For example, with four players, if player A is on the spot at the first hole, they will be on the spot next at the fifth hole.
  • All players are on the spot for the same number of holes. In groups of 3, each player gets to be on the spot 6 times and can earn a maximum of 6 points. In groups of 4, each player can earn a maximum of 4 points because either the last two holes or holes 9 and 18 are eliminated to make the number of holes equal for all four players.
  • If the bet is worth money and not points, whenever a player on the spot wins the bet, they are either owed money from the player whose worst score they beat or from all other players. Or, all the money owed at every hole can be added to the pot, and the full pot goes to the overall winner at the end of the game.