Bisque Stroke

Type Stroke
Alias None
Format Option
Number of players 2, 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • Bisque is a French word that refers to “an extra turn, point, or stroke allowed to a weaker player.”
  • The bisque stroke is a special stroke that is granted by one player to another to entice them into playing a game or bet. This is an extra stroke in addition to the player’s allotted handicap strokes.
  • For example, suppose two players, A and B, with a handicap of 3 and 10, respectively, were to play a game against each other. In that case, Player B would get seven strokes. However, let’s say that Player B thinks that even seven strokes are not enough to play against Player A. In that case, Player A could offer them an extra stroke – the bisque stroke – which, unlike the other handicap strokes that have to be used according to the handicap ranking of the holes, can be used on any hole.
  • There is one catch to the bisque stroke, though. The player who has been assigned the bisque stroke has to decide and declare which hole they will use it on before the match begins.