Type Side Bet
Alias Greenies
Format Game
Number of players 2, 3, 4
Team or Individual play Individual
  • Greenies is a side game in which a “greenie” worth a certain amount of money is awarded to every player who manages to land a shot on the green or is closest to the pin. Greenies are only counted on par-3 holes, however.
  • A value amount for a greenie is determined before the game begins, e.g., $1, $2, etc.
  • The players who land their ball on the green or are closest to the pin earn a greenie if they make par or better.
  • If no players land on the green or if the player who was closest to the pin bogeys the hole, then the greenie is carried over to the next par-3 hole.
  • For example, Player A’s tee shot lands 4 feet from the pin on a par-3 and happens to be closest to the pin. In that case, Player A would earn a greenie and collect the set amount from the other players, either right then or at the end of the round
  • Similarly, if Player A was closest to the pin but made a bogey, then the greenie would be carried over to the next par-3 hole, meaning two greenies would be up for grabs for the winner of the next hole.
  • No handicaps are involved in this game.