Type Hole Bet
Alias None
Format Game
Number of players 3,4,5,6
Team or Individual play Both

          Bridge can be played one-on-one but is usually played in teams of two. In bridge, each hole is worth a certain number of points or money, pre-determined by the players. After the first tee, any method, like a coin toss, is used to determine which team or player plays first. That team also states the number of strokes they think they can win the hole in. The other team or player can go along with that bet, double it, or make a lower bid, meaning to claim that they can do it in a lesser number of strokes. If the second party opts for the first two options, the game can proceed. However, if the second party opts for the third option, which is a lower bid, then the first party gets the same three options to choose from. This process is followed at every hole.