Type Match
Alias Chip-ins
Format Hole Bet
Number of players 2, 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Both
  • Closeout is a betting game in which an 18-hole match is worth a set amount. If the match ends before the 18th hole, then the closeout bet goes into effect in which a new match on the remaining holes starts for half of the original bet.
  • For example, three players A, B, and C, play a match worth $10. The game ends on the 14th hole, with player A being announced the winner, who gets $10. Now, four holes are left, and another round worth $5 begins for the remaining four holes. The first match can even end on the 17th hole, and players then play the Closeout match for a single hole.
  • Closeout can be played with or without handicaps.
  • If the original match goes on for the complete 18 holes, then no Closeout bet is applied.