Type Points
Alias 6-Point Game
Format Game
Number of players 3
Team or Individual play Individual
  • This is a three-player game in which 6 points can be earned at each hole. The points are awarded as follows: 4 points for the lowest score, 2 points for the middle score, and 0 points for the high score.
  • If two or more players tie for the score at a hole, the points are added and then divided equally among the players. For example, if Player A scores the lowest score and players B and C both score the same, then player A is awarded 4 points while players B and C are awarded 1 point each. Similarly, if players B and C tie for the lowest score, then they are both awarded 3 points each while player A gets 0 points. If all three players tie for a hole, they are all awarded 2 points each.
  • If handicaps are used in this game, then the best player plays as scratch while the other two players receive a number of strokes determined by the difference between their scores and the best player’s course handicap.