Florida Scramble

Type Stroke
Alias None
Format Tournament
Number of players 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • The Florida Scramble is a variation of the regular scramble. While it is also played in four-player teams, the difference in this variation is that one player from each team sits out each shot
  • After the four members (e.g., A, B, C, D) of a team tee off, the best shot of the four is selected (Player A). However, the player whose shot was selected does not get to play the second round. So, the other three players (B, C, D) move their balls to the spot of Player A’s drive and play their second shots. When the three players (B, C, D) hit their second shots, the best of the three is selected (player B), and that player sits out or “steps aside” for the next shot. So now, players A, C, and D will play the third shot.


                  • There is no fixed set of rules concerning handicaps in Florida Scramble, and they are decided by the organizer.
                  • A common way of calculating the team handicap is this: all four players of a team calculate their course handicaps. If player A is the highest handicapper and player D is the lowest handicapper, 20% of player D’s course handicap, 15% of player C’s course handicap, 10% of player B’s, and 5% of player A’s course handicap are added together to determine the team handicap.
                  • Another less common way to determine the team handicap is to add the course handicaps of all team members and then divide it by twice the number of members in the team. So, for a four-member team consisting of players A, B, C, and D, their course handicaps will be added and divided by 8 to calculate the team handicap.