Four Ball Aggregate

Type Stroke
Alias Four Ball
Format Option
Number of players 2, 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • In this game, teams of two compete against one another, with both players of a team playing their own ball throughout. This is also where the name “four ball” comes from because four balls are played on each hole.
  • The lower score of the two players on a hole is counted as the team score for that hole. For example, if two players of a team, Player A and Player B, play a par-4 hole and Player A takes 5 shots while Player B takes 4 shots, then Player B’s score will be counted as the team score when playing stroke play as it is the better of the two.
  • In match play, this score will be compared with the other team’s best score to determine which team won that hole. For example, if the other team scores a 3 and a 6, then their team score will be 3, and they will win the hole.
  • In both cases, the team with the lower score wins the game.



                    • In this version, the two players of a team play their own balls, and their score is combined for the team score. The handicap is the full difference from the lowest handicapper. The net scores for each player are then added together to determine the final team score.