Four Ball Better Aggregate

Type Points
Alias Four Ball
Format Option
Number of players 2, 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • In this game, teams of two compete against one another, with both players of a team playing their own ball throughout. This is also where the name “four ball” comes from because four balls are played on each hole.
  • The lower score of the two players on a hole is counted as the team score for that hole. For example, if two players of a team, Player A and Player B, play a par-4 hole and Player A takes 5 shots while Player B takes 4 shots, then Player B’s score will be counted as the team score when playing stroke play as it is the better of the two.
  • In match play, this score will be compared with the other team’s best score to determine which team won that hole. For example, if the other team scores a 3 and a 6, then their team score will be 3, and they will win the hole.
  • In both cases, the team with the lower score wins the game.


                    Fourball Better-Aggregate:

                    • In this version, one point is awarded for the better ball, and one point for the combined scored at each hole.
                    • This format is usually played by groups with mixed handicaps.