Type Stroke
Alias Modified Pinehurst, Canadian Foursomes, Scotch Foursomes, Foursomes with Select Drive, Alternate Shot with Select Drive
Format Tournament
Number of players 2
Team or Individual play Team
  • Greensomes is like foursomes, with the exception that instead of one player teeing off on a selected hole, both team members tee off on each hole.
  • Greensomes can be played as match play but is most often played as stroke play using Stableford scoring.
  • After teeing off, team members select the best drive. The player whose drive was not selected plays the next stroke, and then the two players alternate shots from there until the ball is holed.


                    There are no set rules for handicaps in Greensomes. It is up to the tournament organizers or group of players, but handicaps are often calculated in the following ways:

                      1. 60% of the lower handicapper’s handicap of a team is added to 40% of the higher handicapper’s handicap. The sum is that team’s assigned handicap. If both players’ handicaps are equal, then their team handicap is half the combined sum of their handicaps.


                      If Player A’s handicap is 10 and Player B’s handicap is 15, then their Greensomes handicaps would be calculated as follows:

                      (10 x 0.6) + (15 x 0.4) = 6 + 6 = 12

                      So, this team’s Greensomes handicap would be 12.

                        Match Play:

                        When playing Greensomes match play, the handicaps of the two teams are calculated to determine how many shots are given to the teams.


                        Team 2: 10 x 0.6 (Player A’s Handicap) + 15 x 0.4 (Player B’s Handicap) = 6 + 6 = 12

                        Team 2: 5 x 0.6 (Player C’s Handicap) + 9 x 0.4 (Player D’s Handicap) = 3 + 3.6 = 6.6 (rounded off to 7)


                        12 (Team 1’s Handicap) – 7 (Team 2’s Handicap) = 5

                        So, Team 2 would get 5 shots.

                        1. The course handicaps of the two players are added, and 40% of the sum is that team’s handicap.