Type Points
Alias Honors
Format Side Bet
Number of players 2,3,4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • Appearances is a betting game in which one player gets to tee off first, determined by who got the lowest score on the previous hole. The player who tees off is also referred to as “having the honors” which is why this game is also called Honors. Players earn points for each time they earn the honor on a tee, and these points are worth a predetermined amount of money.
  • Which player gets to tee off at the first hole is determined randomly. However, from then onwards, the player with the lowest score on each hole has the honors on the next hole and gets to tee off first.
  • For example, player A scores a 5 and player B scores a 4 on the first hole. Then, player B gets to tee off first on the second hole and wins the Appearances bet. Then, on hole 2, player A scores a 4 and player B scores a 6. Now, player A tees off first on the next hole and wins the Appearances bet.
  • In case of a tie, the player who had the honors for the last hole keeps the honors until another player beats them and wins the hole. In the above example, player A had the honors for hole 3. If both player A and player B score a 5 on hole 3, player A still has the honors and tees off first on hole 4 and at the same time, also wins the Appearances bet.
  • Since the first hole of the round is not counted in the game, on the 18th hole, one point is awarded to the player that would have teed off first on the next hole.