Irish Four Ball

Type Stroke
Alias Irish Fourball, Irish 4-Ball, Irish Stableford
Format Tournament
Number of players 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • In this game, each player of a four-member team plays their own ball throughout the tournament.
  • This game is played in stroke play using a Stableford or Modified Stableford scoring system.
  • A pre-decided number of scores of the team members are combined on each hole to determine the team score for that hole.


                    There are different versions of Irish Four Ball in which different numbers of scores are counted on each hole. Some common versions are listed below:

                      1. The two low balls on each hole are combined to determine the team score for each hole.
                      2. The best ball is counted as the team score for Holes 1 to 6. The scores of the two low balls are combined on Holes 7 to 11. The scores of the three low balls are combined from Holes 12 to 15, and all four scores are combined on Holes 16 to 18.This version can also be played by eliminating the first rule and using two, three, and four low ball scores on every six holes.
                      3. In another version, two low balls are counted on par-3 holes, three low balls on par-4 holes, and all four scores on par-5 holes.
                      4. In some tournaments, it is required that each team consist of two men and two women.