Jack and Jill

Type Match
Alias Jack and Jill Tournament
Format Tournament
Number of players 2, 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • A “Jack and Jill” tournament is not a specific scoring or game format. It simply refers to any tournament that involves men and women pairing or teaming up.
  • When playing in twosomes, usually one man and woman pair up while teams of four usually consist of two men and two women. There is also a “3 Jacks and a Jill” tournament organized by the Ladies Golf Association (LGA) in which one woman pairs with three men.
  • Although Jack and Jill can be played in any format, Greensomes is the most popular game among two-person teams. Both players tee off on a hole and then switch and play their partner’s ball. After that, they play alternate shot until the ball is holed.
  • For four-player teams, Two Best Balls is the format most commonly used. In Two Best Balls, the two lowest scores of the team on a hole are combined to calculate the team score for that hole. In the Jack and Jill version of Two Best Balls, however, the lower score of the two men is combined with the lower score of the two women to calculate the team score. Therefore, even if both men or both women have the two lowest scores, only one can be used in a Jack and Jill match.