Long or Short

Type Stroke
Alias Long and Short
Format Tournament
Number of players 2
Team or Individual play Teams
  • This game can be broken down into two games; the long game and the short one. The long game requires power and distance for the player’s ball to approach the putting green in as few strokes as possible, while the short game requires skills for accuracy.
  • Long and short is played by a two-player team in which one player plays all the long shots and the other plays all the short shots. The long shots include the drive, fairway, and approach shots, while the short shots include the pitching and chipping, bunker shots, and putting.
  • The distance is decided by the group of players or, in case of a tournament, by the tournament organizers, but usually, the Short golfer plays all the shots within 150 yards while the Long golfer plays all the shots outside 150 yards.