Longest Marshmallow Drive

Type Side Bet
Alias Marshmallow Long Drive
Format Game
Number of players 2, 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • This is mostly played as a fundraising game.
  • Longest Marshmallow Drive is played like Longest Drive, with the difference being that a marshmallow is used instead of a golf ball.
  • One hole is designated as the “marshmallow” hole.
  • The players purchase a marshmallow and drive it from the tee box.
  • Players can have as many drives as they want, depending on how many marshmallows they purchase.
  • The marker is moved every time the marshmallow is hit further.
  • The player who drives the marshmallow the furthest at the end of the game wins the game and usually a small prize.


                    A target can be set for where the marshmallow must land in order to win the game.