Type Side Bet
Alias Me too, Me-too
Format Game
Number of players 2,3,4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • In this game, a set number of “me too’s” are allotted to each player before the round starts.
  • Whenever a player feels like they are in a bad spot, they can use a metoo and swap their shot with another player’s at any hole, be it a drive, iron shot, or putt. Basically, one player can claim another player’s shot as their own if they use a metoo.


    • One player may be allowed one metoo per round or one metoo per nine holes.
    • Metoos may be allotted based on handicaps, with more metoos being given to higher handicappers and fewer metoos given to lower handicappers.
    • Players may also agree on which shots the metoo cannot be called on, for example, on holed putts.