Miami Scramble

Type Strokes
Alias None
Format Tournament
Number of players 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • Miami Scramble is like a regular scramble, but with a twist. It starts off as usual. All players of a team tee off. The best tee shot is selected, and the other players pick up their balls, move them to within one club’s length of the selected location, and hit the next shot from there.
  • The player whose tee shot is selected then has to sit out all strokes until the team gets onto the putting green.
  • When the team lands on the green, the player who was temporarily deactivated joins the game again. After that, all players take turns putting from the spot of their best ball.


        A team consists of players A, B, C, D. They tee off, and Player A hits the best drive. Players B, C, and D pick up their balls and move them to the location of Player A’s ball. Players B, C, and D hit their second strokes, but Player A cannot play any strokes until the ball is holed. Suppose the team reaches the green on the fourth stroke. Then Player A can rejoin the game from the fifth stroke.


          In some games, depending on the tournament organizers, a four-player team is required to use at least four drives of each member over the course of the round.