Mulligan and Recall

Type Match
Alias Mulligan & Recall, Mulligan-Recall
Format Option
Number of players 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • Mulligan and Recall can be played in any golf format, such as match play or stroke play.
  • A mulligan allows a player to replay a bad shot, while a recall is a reverse mulligan which allows a player to force another player to replay a shot from the same position.
  • In this game, a group of four golfers pairs off into teams of two. Usually, each player gets one mulligan on the front nine and one mulligan on the back nine, i.e., each player gets a total of two mulligans in an 18-hole round and one recall per nine holes.
  • With a recall, a player can force their opponent to replay a good shot.


    • The number of mulligans and recalls allowed per nine holes is decided among the group of players. While the number is usually one mulligan and one recall per nine holes, this number can also be increased to two mulligans and two recalls per nine holes.
    • In some games, players decide that if one side loses a hole, the other team earns an extra mulligan for that nine. This helps teams that are visibly weaker than another team.