Type Side Bet
Alias None
Format Side Game
Number of players 2, 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Individual
  • A Murphy bet can be invoked at any point during a game. If the player who calls the Murphy manages to get up and down from the location, they win the Murphy bet amount from every other player in the group. However, if they fail to get up and down, they owe the agreed-upon amount to all other players.
  • Before the round beings, the players in a group decide how much money a Murphy is worth, say $1 or $5. The usual recommended amount for a Murphy is between $1 to $20.


    • In some games, the Murphy bet is automatically in place once it is invoked, while in others, players have the choice to deny the bet.

      Where Murphies can be called from is decided by the group. For example, from the fringe, from the rough, etc.