Par Is Your Partner

Type Stroke
Alias None
Format Tournament
Number of players 2,3,4+
Team or Individual play Both
  • “Par Is Your Partner” is the name of a rule applied in golf tournaments that limits an individual player or team’s maximum score on each hole to a net par.
  • Although it can be used in any golf format, it is most commonly employed in scrambles.
  • With the Par Is Your Partner Rule, players have to pick up their balls and move on if they can’t beat the score of net par on a given hole. In other words, the net par is the maximum score that a player can make on a hole when this rule is in place.
  • Par Is Your Partner is usually played in stroke play with handicaps.
  • However, it can also be played using a points system. In that case, points are awarded as follows:
  • 0 points for a par
  • 1 point for a net birdie
  • 2 points for a net eagle
  • 3 points for double eagles