Type Stroke
Alias Powerball Scramble
Format Tournament
Number of players 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • Powerball is yet another type of Scramble tournament with a twist. Usually, four or five but not more than six holes are chosen by the tournament organizers, known as the “powerball holes”, before the game begins and the players are aware of these holes.
  • The game begins as a traditional scramble; the players tee off and play from the location of the best drive. However, when a team reaches a powerball hole, it moves up to the forward tees.
  • Only one player, as opposed to all team members, tees off on the powerball hole, and that member is chosen by the team.
  • The tee shot on the powerball hole must be used as the group’s drive on that hole, whether it’s good or bad.


        When four holes are designated as the powerball holes, then each member of the team is required to hit one of the powerball drives

        Five Powerball Holes:

          Usually, five powerball holes are assigned in a Powerball Scramble. In this case, three out of the four members are required to hit the powerball drives. This gives the best driver of the group the chance to hit three of the drives.