Type Side Bet
Alias Pressing the Bet
Format Option
Number of players 2, 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Both
  • A “press” is essentially a second bet that is placed in addition to an original bet.
  • Usually, when a player or team is on the losing side, they begin a second bet, i.e., they “press” the bet.
  • Although pressing is most commonly found in Nassau, it can be used in other games and formats as well.
  • The pressing bet is usually worth the same amount as the original bet.


        There are no fixed rules for presses. The way they are used is determined among the group of players. However, listed below are some common examples of presses:

        • For Nassau, a game that bets on the results of the front nine, the back nine, and the overall match, a $2 press is common. For a player who is down by a few holes, winning the front nine is unlikely. In that case, they may press the bet on the given hole, say Hole 6. And so, a second bet is initiated for holes 6 to 9.
        • Some games mandate that a player must be at least two holes down to press the bet.
        • In some games, pressing on the 9th and 18th holes is not allowed.
        • Players have the option to accept or decline a press.
        • An automatic press can be invoked in some games if a certain predefined condition is met, e.g., when a player is two holes behind.
        • Although the press is usually worth the same amount as the original bet, it may vary.