Type Side Bet
Alias None
Format Game
Number of players 2,3,4+
Team or Individual play Both
  • The “proxy” in “proxy contest” is short for proximity. The term “Proxy Contest” refers to a collection of multiple distance-related games that are played as bonus games in golf tournaments such as charity tournaments or association tournaments.
  • A Proxy Contest usually includes the following games:
  • Closest to the pin: In this game, the player whose ball stops nearest to the flagstick is closest to the pin. At the par-3 holes, players who hit the green have the distance between the ball and the hole measured. The player who is closest to the pin wins.
  • Straightest Drive: In this game, tournament organizers usually draw a white chalk line in the middle of the straightest par-4 and 5 holes on the golf course. The player whose ball lands closest to the line wins the game.
  • Longest Drive: The drives of players are measured on each hole. The player who hits the longest drive on a designated hole wins.
  • Longest Putt: As the name suggests, the player who makes the longest putt wins the bonus prize.
  • The distance on the holes in a Proxy Contest might be measured by a tournament official, or they might come with a “proxy marker”, which is a small signpost that golfers stick in the ground when they make a longer drive than their previous one.

        The bonus prize is decided by the tournament organizers.