Putt for Dough

Type Points
Alias None
Format Game
Number of players 2,3,4
Team or Individual play Individual
  • In this game, points are awarded for the number of one-putts made on each hole, the value of which is determined by the distance.
  • In a group of four players, once all balls are on the green, points for one-putts are awarded like this: If the player who is farthest from the hole one-putts, they get 4 points. If the next player one-putts, they are awarded 3 points. The player second closest to the hole gets 2 points for a one-putt, while the player closest to the hole gets only 1 point for a one-putt.
  • In a group of three players, the points are 3, 2, and 1 for the same conditions, while for a twosome, 2 points are awarded to the player farthest from the hole and 1 point to the player closest to the hole.
  • Points are only awarded for the first putt attempt. If a player three-putts in the first attempt, they lose one point.


        A common variation in Putt for Dough is to award bonus points (amount decided by the group) to players for certain conditions such as:

        • Any player who holes out from off the green with any club other than the putter gets bonus points.

        Any player who earns all available points during the round gets bonus points. For example, in a three-player game, if Player B makes a 3-pointer, 2-pointer, and 1-pointer over the course of the round, they get a five or 10-point bonus.