Red, White and Blue

Type Match
Alias Forward, Middle and Back Tournament
Format Tournament
Number of players 4
Team or Individual play Team
  • This game is named after the colors of the tee markers. The red tees represent the forward tees, the white tees represent the middle tees, and the blue tees represent the back tees.
  • In this tournament, players tee off from the middle tees. When a player bogeys a hole, they play the next hole from the forward tee. If they birdie a hole, they play the next hole from the back tee. If they make par, they continue playing from the middle tee.
  • For example, all players tee off on Hole 1 from the middle tee. Player A scores a double-bogey, so they move up and play from the forward tee for the next hole. On Hole 2, they make a birdie and move back to the back tee. Then Player A pars the third hole and plays from the middle tee for the next hole.


    • This game can be played with or without handicaps or as a gross score.
    • The scoring standard can be changed depending on the players. For example, if a group of four bogey golfers plays this game, they might be inclined to equate double bogey or worse with the forward tees, par or better with the back tees, and bogeys with the middle tees.

    Alternate Version:

    • There is another way to play a Red, White and Blue Tournament in which over the course of the 18 holes, the players must play each tee six times, i.e., they must play the red (forward) tees on 6 holes, the white (middle) tees on 6 holes, and the blue (back) tees on 6 holes.
    • Unlike the popular version, the score does not determine which tee the player plays from on the next hole. It is chosen by the players themselves.