Ringer Score

Type Points
Alias None
Format Game
Number of players 1
Team or Individual play Individual
  • The Ringer Score is an ideal round consisting of a player’s best ever shots on each hole at a specific course and on the same tees.
  • For example, if the first hole is a par-4 hole and Player A has scored a birdie at least once on that hole, but not an eagle, then their Ringer score for that hole would be 3.
  • Similarly, if Player A has never scored a birdie on the second par-4 hole but has made par, then their Ringer score for that hole would be 4.
  • This process continues hole-by-hole until the ideal round is completed.
  • The Ringer Score for a hole never increases; it either stays the same or decreases based on the lowest score accumulated.
  • The Ringer Scores can only be used for the same course. It wouldn’t make sense to compare the scores of two completely different courses with different par holes.


        Suppose Player A plays a new course on Monday. They enjoy it and return the next day to play the same tees. They again play the same course with the same tees two days later. So, Player A’s Ringer Score after the first two days and after the last day would look something like this: