Three Blind Mice

Type Points
Alias None
Format Tournament
Number of players 2, 3, 4+
Team or Individual play Both
  • In Three Blind Mice, a round of 18 holes is played as one normally would, and each player records their score on every hole. After the scorecards are turned in at the end of the round, the organizers randomly select three holes (the three blind mice) from the round, the scores of which are thrown out. The player with the lowest score after the scores of the three selected holes have been thrown out is crowned the winner.

    Choosing Holes:

        While the three holes are usually chosen at random, there are some ways to select them, depending on the goal of the game.

        • To give a chance to higher handicappers to compete with their lower handicap counterparts, the holes that are difficult for players that slice the ball may be chosen as the three blind mice and their scores thrown out.

            If the goal is to help senior golfers in the tournament, the holes with long yardage or ones that require a large number of drives from the players may be eliminated.