lone ranger

Type Match
Alias Money Ball, Pink Ball, Yellow Ball
Format Tournament
Number of players 3, 4
Team or Individual play Teams
  • This game is played in the best ball format and is called yellow ball because out of the four balls that the four team members use to play, one of them is yellow. This ball rotates among the members after each hole. For example, if Player A hits the yellow ball on the first hole, Player B will hit it on the second hole, and so on.
  • At the end of every hole, the scores of two team members are added together to generate the final team score for that hole. One of these scores has to be of the player who used the yellow ball (the Lone Ranger), and the other score chosen is the lowest score among the other three players.
  • For example, suppose on the 4th hole, player A scores 5, player B scores 4, player C scores 6, and player D scores 5. Since player D is the lone ranger, their score is automatically considered. Next, since player B has the lowest score among the other players, their score is counted. So, the team will have a net score of 9 for the fourth hole.
  • Even though this game is mainly played with four players, it can also be played with a minimum of three players.
  • Yellow Ball can be played as an optional game with different variations. For example, in some games, if the Lone Ranger loses the yellow ball, they are eliminated from the game. The group would then continue with three players. However, this option is not recommended for high-handicap teams.
  • Another option is to use the yellow ball as a bonus. In that case, the teams use the two lowest scores among the three players to determine the final score while the score of the yellow ball is kept separately. At the end of the game, the team with the lowest yellow ball score wins a bonus prize, although the winner of the tournament is decided by the other scores.