Type Stroke
Alias Flags Competition, Last Man Standing
Format Tournament
Number of players 2,3,4,5,6
Team or Individual play Individual
  • Flags, or flag tournament, is a stroke play tournament where players play individually with full or partial handicaps.
  • Every player is given a flag or a “tombstone” marker with their name on it. Each player starts the round with a designated number of strokes and plays until they run out. Once the strokes run out, the player sticks their tombstone or flag in the ground to mark their final shot. The player who makes it the farthest through the course using their designated strokes wins the game.
  • The number of strokes allotted to a player is determined by their partial or full handicap. For example, in a tournament using full handicaps, a player with a handicap of 15 in a par-72 course would be assigned 87 strokes for the course’s par rating and their handicap.
  • When using full handicaps, the chances are that the players will make it through all 18 holes and still have strokes left. In that case, the players with remaining strokes would go back to the first tee and continue to play until their strokes run out. Alternatively, players can also stop after the 18 holes are completed, and the player with the most strokes left wins the game.
  • In the events of a tie, where two or more players run out of strokes at the same hole, say the 17th, then the player with the final shot closest to the hole wins.