Type Side Bet
Alias None
Format Game
Number of players 3
Team or Individual play Both
  • Wolfman is often confused with the four-player game “Wolf”, but is, in fact, an entirely different betting game meant for three players.
  • Handicaps are used in this game.
  • In this game, a different “Wolfman” is chosen on each hole based on the tee shots. The other two players are called the “Hunters”.
  • The Wolfman’s goal is to score more than the combined score of the two hunters.
  • This is how the Wolfman is chosen for each hole:
  • All players tee off on a given hole.
  • On par-4 and par-5 holes, the player with the middle drive becomes the Wolfman.
  • On par-3 holes, the Wolfman is the player whose ball is the second closest to the hole.
  • The game is played in stroke play. The net scores of the Hunters are added together while the Wolfman’s net score is doubled.
  • If the Wolfman’s doubled score is higher than the Hunters’ combined score, they win the hole and the bet and receive the agreed-upon amount from each Hunter.
  • If the Wolfman’s score is lower than the Hunters’ score, they win the hole and the bet. If the Hunters win the bet, the Wolfman owes each Hunter the agreed-upon amount, e.g., $1.
  • If a hole is halved, the betting amount can either be discarded or carried over to the next hole. That is for the group of players to decide.


    • Suppose three players, A, B, and C, are playing Wolfman. Player A is the Wolfman, while players B and C are the Hunters.
    • The two Hunters score a net 4 and 6, respectively, while the Wolfman scores a net 4. Since this game uses full handicap, the Wolfman’s score is doubled to 8 while the Hunters’ combined score is 10. Since the Wolfman scored the lower score, they win the hole.