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Aces and Deuces

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Acey Deucey

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How to Play Aces and Deuces

The Aces and Deuces betting golf game is a points style game where golfers wage on a per hole score. There are two bets per hole, one for the low net score, the Ace, and one for the high net score, the Deuce. All players pay the hole bet to the Ace, while the Deuce pays out the Deuce bet to each player. If there is no Ace or no Deuce, there is no payout for that bet for the hole. If playing with carryover, the bet amount is added to the next hole. In a typical bet, an Ace is worth twice the value of the Deuce, but BEEZER GOLF lets you configure it. In the scorecard, bet amounts are represented by points.

This game is played in a foursome, and it is better suited for players of similar skill level and should be played with handicaps.

Aces and Deuces Game screenshots

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