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How to Play Sixes

Sixes is a team match-play game where the teams change every six holes. You can play Four ball style Sixes, or Nassau-style Sixes. In the Nassau version, the IN match is the first three holes and the OUT the last three, while the total is the combined six holes. The teams for each course third (referred to as Front 6, Middle 6, and Back 6) are picked by the players before hole 1 and 7, respectively, and automatically set for holes 13–18.

A team wins the hole by obtaining the lowest net score. Other options for low net include using the second ball or second score as a tiebreaker or using both scores to count. In the latter, there could be two points awarded for each hole. Sixes allows for presses like Nassau.

The losing team can press a match, and if a press is accepted, a new match starts from the next playing hole until the end of the original match pressed. That way, if the total (TOT) match is pressed on hole 3, a new match is created between hole 3 and 6. A press match can be pressed many times, and each time a new match is created for the remaining holes of the original match. For example, if a press match between holes 3–6 is pressed on hole 5, another match is created between hole 5 and 6.

The game is suited for all handicap levels, but it is best for players to play within the same skill level.

Sixes Game screenshots

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