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Three Ball

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How to Play Three Ball

Three Ball is a match play that is a great game for threesomes. Each player plays as an individual against the other two players, and the low net wins the hole; hence, a player can win up to two points per hole. Golfer A plays one match against B and another against C. Golfer B plays one match against C and another against A. Golfer C plays one match against A and another against B. Each won hole gives one point, so if player A has a net 3 and B has a 4 and C has a 4, player A gets 2 points, one for winning against B and one for winning against C.


With the Teams options, in every hole, there is a three-way team match where each player belongs to two teams. The members of the team with the lowest aggregate score each get a point and the player with the most points at the end of the round wins the match bet. There are three teams competing—the first team with Players A and B, the second team with Players A and C and the third team with Players B and C. The team with the lowest net aggregate score wins the hole and each member gets one point. No points are awarded for ties. For example, if Team 1 is Player A and B, Team 2 is Player A and C, and Team 3 is Player B and C, then, if Player A’s net score is 3, Player B’s net score is 4, and Player C’s net score is 5: The Team 1 score will be 7, the score for Team 2 will be 8, and Team 3 score will be 9. Team 1 wins the hole, so Player A and Player B get one point each.

Three Ball Game screenshots

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