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Daytona, Monte Carlo

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How to Play Vegas

Vegas is a points team game where the player’s net scores are combined to create the team’s score. Points are awarded to the winning team based on the teams’ scores differential. To create the team’s score, each net score is concatenated to form a number with the highest score first. For example, if Team A has net 5 and net 6 individual scores, the team score would be 65. If Team B has a 75 score, then Team A will be awarded 12 points for the hole. If a player pars or betters a hole, the order is reversed, but if the other player in the team has a double-digit score, the order is maintained. For example, on a par 4 hole, a net 4 and net 6 yields a team score of 46, but a net 4 and net 10 yields a score of 104 for the team. The team with the highest points wins the match and the payout is the difference in points times the points value.

In Monte Carlo, scores are combined by multiplying them. Hence, a net 5 and net 6 yields a score of 30, and the winning team is awarded the point difference.

Vegas Game screenshots

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