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How to Play Wolf

Wolf is a points bet and players round robin at being the Wolf. The Wolf picks a partner to play the hole; the partner must be chosen after each drive and before the next drive is hit. If the Wolf doesn’t pick a partner, it will be the last player to tee off. After teeing off, the Wolf can choose to be a Solo Wolf to double the bet or be declared a Lone Wolf before teeing off to triple the bet.

The lowest net score wins the hole, and one point will be awarded to each team member. A Solo Wolf’s win will earn them 6 points, and each member of the losing team will lose 2 points. Conversely, a loss will cost the Solo Wolf 6 points and the winning team will win 2 points each. In Lone Wolf, 9 points will be granted for a win. The same math will apply when playing in a team of five; however, the points will be different. For example, a loss will cost the Sole Wolf 8 points, but if the Wolf has a partner, they will earn 3 points each for a hole win.

The winnings or losses of each player will be the differential in points between the players times the Point Value.

The order of play in Wolf is important. When there are four players, the wolf will continue to rotate until hole 17 and 18, where the Wolf will be the player with the least amount of points––if there is a tie, there is a random pick of the Wolf. With five players, the same process starts at hole 16.

If carryover is enabled and nobody wins a hole, the points are increased by the point value for the next hole.

Wolf Game screenshots

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