All-In-One BEEZER GOLF Scorecard App Gives You Quick Access to Stats / GPS of 38,000 Golf Courses, and 20 Side Games

Improve Your Golf with the Beezer Golf App, the Perfect Scorecard!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Whether you are new to the game of golf or have been playing for a while, the one common complaint that many golfers have is that there are not reliable golf apps available that can help then keep track of their score, and make gameplay more interesting. Beezer Golf LLC. is a sports enhancement company that is offering their proprietary app that makes it easy to play golf games with your friends, along with many other cool features that helps you take your game to the next level.

Speaking at the pre-launch event, Antonio Casacuberta, the founder of the company, said, “We are extremely proud of the launch of our new golf scorecard app, which helps manage the score so that you can concentrate on and enjoy your golf game. The Beezer Golf app is unique in many ways. As far as golf apps go, this is the most complete app in terms of the number of golf games that you can track your score. The application is also extremely easy to use, highly flexible, and can be customized according to the player’s personal preference.”

Beezer Golf LLC. offers a unique app that makes it easy for golfers to keep track of their scores. The app includes many different golf games so that you can easily track your score by using this digital scorecard. But, what really sets this golf app apart from the rest is that apart from offering a digital scorecard, it also provides players with many other unique features.

On answering a question, the founder of the company said, “Unlike most apps in the market, our focus is on scoring and playing games. But, where the Beezer Golf App really shines is that we are the first app to offer up to 20 side games that you can play, which is the most of any other golf app on the market today. We have also added plenty of new and exciting features to make your gameplay easier, such as our first grade GPS and Stats features for a complete on-course golf experience.”

Other standout features of this golf app include a Golf GPS Rangefinder, which has been neatly integrated into the design of the app and makes it easy for players to navigate their way around the golf course.

The founder continued, “Our GPS Rangefinder feature is compatible with over 38,000 golf courses around the world. The distance lines that have been integrated into the GPS Rangefinder is especially helpful to players when it comes to cutting the fairway. We also offer a Game Stats feature that keeps track of various golf statistics during a game, such as recoveries, greens in regulation, drives, putting, and of course scores. You can also track your bets that you won or lost.”

This is the most extensive golf app on the market, which allows you to keep score of various golf games, including Skins, Wolf, Scotch, Nassau, Sixes, Nassau, and many more. The Beezer golf app offers a unique interface that’s beautiful to look at, easy to use, flexible, and easy to personalize. Now you can keep track of your game winnings and place bets at any time without any hassle.

The founder concluded by stating, “We strive to provide the best user experience and make your golf games more interesting. This is why we have included a golf bet tracking feature that is accessible from within our app. All you have to do is log your bets in the Beezer Bank and use the balance on your next round. Our app is the only one in the market that allows you to do that. We use a proprietary algorithm that calculates the most efficient bet payout and also allows you to split the amounts between Beezer Bank log entries or cash. There are plenty of golf apps, but none comes even close to solving our games’ and betting dilemmas. So, we set out to build the simplest, most flexible, and extensive golf betting and scoring app in the market.”

Unlike most apps in the market today, BEEZER GOLF’s unique user experience is designed with scoring and betting as its central paradigm. The app is simple and easy to use with a user-friendly interface and eye-pleasing graphics that make it an absolute joy to use. The app is currently undergoing final testing, but the beta version, which was tried out by selected users, received rave reviews. There were, however, some tweaks that need to be made before launch. Currently, Beezer Golf LLC., is expected to roll out this truly revolutionary new digital golf scorecard app in the coming weeks.

  About the Company:

Beezer Golf LLC., is a company that was founded by golfers, for golfers. All of the members of this company are golf enthusiasts, which means that they are aware of the various challenges faced by those who play golf at a beginner, intermediate, or professional level. This is why the company has been dedicated to creating a new app that makes it easier for golfers to keep track of their scores during their game.

What makes the Beezer Golf LLC., app special is that it is not only a digital scorecard for golfers, but offers plenty of other features that can help take your golf game to the next level. It also allows you to track scores, make bets, and play several games. Whether you are looking to improve your game of Nassau, Nines, Skins, or many others, or place a few side bets, you can now do all of that and more with the revolutionary new Beezer Golf app. Beezer Golf LLC., is a company that has been dedicated to providing the best user experience for golfers regardless of their pedigree. Whether you are a beginner who is just starting out playing golf or are an experienced player, you are certainly going to find the Beezer Golf app useful at many different levels.

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