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How to Play Skins

Round Skins/Hole Skins :

On Round skins players contribute a fixed amount to the pot, while in Hole Skins the players contribution depends on the number of skins.

Match Bet :

Only applicable to Round Skins. BEEZER dollars each player contributes to the pot.

Skin Value :

Only applicable to Hole Skins. BEEZER dollars value of each Skin won.

Carryover :

Only applicable to Hole Skins. Enable carryover of bets from holes with no skins.

One of the most popular games, a Skin is won by having the lowest net score in hole, a tie results in no skin being awarded for the hole. Skins is a great game for foursomes and large groups. When playing in large groups the betting is usually done in the Round Skin betting, and when playing in a single group the hole skin modality is more common. In Hole Skins, holes with no single low new the skin bet is usually carried over to the next hole until a skin is won.

Round Skins Payout :

In the Round Skins option, each player contributes to the pot the match bet amount. The pot is then divided by the number of skins to get the skin value and each player wins the number of skins times the skin value. Each player is then subtracted their match bet contribution.

Skins Value Payout :

In the Skin Value option, the skin value is preset to the skin value amount. On each hole with a skin, the low score wins the skin value bet from each of the other players.

Gross Beats Net (Half Strokes) :

Gross beats net, also know as half strokes, grants the skin to the lowest gross if players net scores are the same.

Skin Max score :

Player must score Max Score or better to win skin.

The complete guide to Skins

Skins Game screenshots

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