We also recognize that most avid golfers play with the same group of friends and they wage to make things interesting. And sometimes, players don’t have the cash or exact change to pay out their bets.At our local club, someone got stuck with the honor of being the bet’s bookkeeper. The pour guy keeps a spreadsheet of bets and sends email reminders to pay out. We thanked him for his efforts but we often wonder if there could be a better way. That’s why we introduced BEEZER Bank.

Golfer playing his shout low angle

BEEZER Bank keeps a ledger of bets and allows for settling them at any time. Upon a round completion, BEEZER GOLF calculates the winnings and makes a smart decision on whom should pay whom. Our algorithm optimizes for the minimum number of transactions. The user then has the option to pay cash, use the bank’s balance or add a new transaction to the bank, or even pay part in cash and deposit the rest to the bank.

BEEZER Bank and in effect all bets are handled in BEEZER dollars ($), this makes it easy for the user to map out the value of a BEEZER dollar to any currency or fraction. For example, a BEEZER dollar could be a US dollar, an English Pound or 25 US cents. The interface becomes easier and cleaner to use as it doesn’t need to handle decimal points.