What is a Nassau? How is it Played?

If you’re looking for a new golf game to play, then you’re going to be spoilt for choice. This is mainly because there are so many great games from which to choose when it comes to golf. If you are new to the game of golf and are looking for a game that is going to be easy to understand and even easier to play, then look no further than a game called Nassau.

 What is Nassau in golf

This is an extremely easy game to play as compared to many other golf games, which is why it is a favorite amongst the newbie crowd and seasoned golfers alike. Part of the appeal of playing Nassau as compared to many other golf games is that it is not only easy to play, but the rules are really simple as well. Not to mention, a game of Nassau is one of the most exciting games you will ever play on the golf course. So, let’s take a look at this game and learn more about the rules of playing Nassau.

So, what does the game of Nassau look like? The short answer is that the game of Nassau is not a single game, but rather, it is three tournaments or bets (whichever you prefer) in one. This includes the back nine, the front nine, and the 18-hole scores. All of these games count as separate tournaments and bets. This makes Nassau something similar to that of the game of Best Nines.

  Nassau Tournament Gameplay

During a Nassau tournament, the team or the player who wins the front nine goes on to win the prize, while the player or team who wins the back nine wins a prize, and the player or team who wins the 18-hole wins a prize as well. In short, all players have a chance of winning in a game of Nassau.

When it comes to keeping score during a tournament of Nassau, the scoring all depends on the players or the organizers of the tournament. This is because when it comes to the game of Nassau, everything goes. As in, match play, stroke play, alternate shot, scramble, and bet ball. Handicaps, no handicaps, two-player teams, single players. In short, there are no precise rules when it comes to playing the game of Nassau. The main factor of Nassau is that it contains three separate games in one.

  Placing Bets

When it comes to wagering, the most common wager that is placed when playing Nassau among friends is called a $2 Nassau. This means that the front nine will be worth $2, as well as the back nine and the 18-hole game as well. All three will be worth $2, and the team or the player who wins all three games will win a total of $6. Nassau can be played with any scoring format as long as the scoring method and rules on handicaps are cleared up before gameplay.

Furthermore, if the $2 Nassau doesn’t sound like much, then you can up the wager to $5.


Whenever a team or an individual player is trailing in the game of Nassau, they have the option to “press the bet,” which basically means to open up a new wager that can run alongside the initial wager that was made before starting the game. Keeping that in mind, a game of Nassau that involves a lot of pressing the bet could end up costing the players a lot more, while increasing the amount that a single player or team can win if they manage to clean sweep all three games.

Pressing is, by far, one of the factors that make Nassau so interesting to play for both beginners as well as advanced golf players. This is because it allows the losing player or team to keep pressing and re-pressing to up the stakes in the game. While this strategy does come at a huge risk, it keeps the losing player or team in the game and increases their chances of winning

Another important element of pressing the bet that you need to factor in is that the other players or teams are not obligated to accept the press bet. That being said, more often than not, the rules that are set initially by the players or teams before the start of the game require all players and teams to accept the press during a game. It is also considered bad sportsmanship for any player to refuse the new wager.


Another factor of the Nassau game has got to do with adjusting. This means that when some people or teams play Nassau, they can use what is known as an “adjust bet” that comes after the front nine wage. This wager is then created in a matchplay Nassau and comes after the bet of the front nine. This is done to give the losing player or team another chance at winning the game but in a separate back nine bet.

The many elements and scoring rules that go into playing the game of Nassau are what make the game so interesting for players regardless of their skill level. However, it can also get a bit complicated if you do not have the right scoring tools available at your disposal, such as a mobile application, perhaps.


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