Games Golfers Play

You are a golfer. And like many of us, you love the game. You have golfing buddies. And like many of them, they love to play games. There are literally over one hundred golfing games that can make a round of golf more fun. If you are a high handicap golfer, they add the spice that removes some edge of those lost balls and sliced drives. If you are a low handicapper, they create that extra pressure to test your inner strength. And at the end game, we all love gloating to our friends. Just don’t forget to maintain a handicap index and post your scores, or your golfer friends will become just golfers.

Rear view of Golfer playing his shot in the field

Most golfers play the same game week in and week out, the path of least resistance. Some games are hard to score, and they don’t have fast rules. Some have become classics, like Nassau or Skins and golfers follow mostly the same rules. We, at BEEZER GOLF, have researched the golfing games and have created a list of twenty of the most popular waging games and assembled the most common rules and common golf games formats. We have packaged them neatly into a phone app that you can take with you to the course. We strove to find that balance between simplicity and extensibility. Next time try a new golf betting game on the course.

  Game Types

There are several golf betting games fitted for different skilled players and tastes. To make it easier to find your betting golf game we have classified them into five categories:

Match Games :

These are mano-a-mano contest, person vs person or team vs team, where the winner takes all. Golf match games are well suited for golfers within the same skill level. When playing in teams, it is best to mix high and low handicappers in each team.

Stroke games :

Classic endurance games, total score is what matters. Screw up a hole and you’ll have a mountain to climb. Golf stroke games are best played within the same handicap index. We find handicapping works well within a range, but get outside of it and things get tricky.

Points games :

These games are very popular since they are forgiving of hole blowups. There is a wide variety of golf points games and how a point is calculated.

Dot games :

Very popular with higher handicappers. Divert from the scorecard and just have fun hitting more (or less) dots. Some golf dot games give you points for hitting the fairways, others take them away for hitting a bunker. Whether you are a half-full glass golfer or half-empty one there is a dot game for you.

Side games :

In addition to the main games(s), you can add little wagers by adding golf side games. Usually small bets that add to the fun, from three-putting to having the last best score in a hole.

Some games go by different names, again no particular standard, we are using the most common name and we have added aliases to identify common variations. Here’s a list of games with their aliases, for you to try out and have a BEEZER Round.

Below is the list of games that golfers play